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Childs Step Stool
Here's a nifty idea to bring kids up to Mum and Dad's level. Well, almost!

Wooden Kids Stool
A fun easy project that your kids will surely appreciate once itís completed.

Simple Kids Stool
I made this simple step stool for my grandson Michael. It's made of 3' of 1X10 pine. Simple butt joints reinforced with screws make this an easy project for the beginner, or perhaps a child's first project. Help yourself to the plans!

Kids Stool
This neat kids' stool will give the littlies a lift to help them do more for themselves, like washing their hands and brushing their teeth. It only takes a few scraps of timber and an hour of your time.

Storage Stepping Stool
Shirl makes a fantastic little stool which will help Our House viewer Meryl Davis reach her plants, and also solve her storage problems.

Picture-Frame Footstools
Alexa Lett of the design company Harmony Inc. creates a footstool from a picture frame. The stools can be made large or small, elegant or amusing.

Easy-To-Build Footstool
Katie Hamilton, owner of HouseNet Inc., constructs an easy Shaker-style footstool out of pine, dowels and belt cording.

Homemade Designer Stools
These beautiful, deep coloured stools look so much like logs they almost make you feel like you're camping out in your own home. If you have even basic woodworking skills you can make these.

Stool Katrina
A very precise and detailed outline of this prize winning stool, with drawings of all sides of the stool.

Piano Stool
As the object with many aspects of use, the stool has played the important role in everday life since long ago. This stool is perfect for anyone who enjoys playing the piano.

Four-Board Foot Stool
This inexpensive stool is just over 12 inches tall, but the method of building will work for larger units as well.

Dovetailed Step Stool
Hereís a project thatís sure to advance your skills while producing a practical, good-looking piece of furniture. The stoolís extra strength comes from three different kinds of dovetail joints, which make the strongest connection between wide boards like the ones used in this project. When the joints...

Shaker Step Stool
These stools were used in Shaker housing to get to the upper drawers in the enormous chests built for communal use. The stool was placed against the lower part of a chest for support. If you want to use this as a freestanding stool, add a hand rail.

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