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Oak Podium
A very attractive red oak podium featuring frame and panel construction, a flip-up top, and wheels to facilitate moving it around.

Pulpit designed for a church in Kansas City. DXF Format.

Box Lectern Plans - Woodwork Forums
I've drawn up some plans for a basic, box-column lectern, is perfectly straight or a surface is flat, free from winding, and straight,

Grampa'S Workshop Lectern
This is a lectern that I built for my sister and her husband. They had received a nice, unabridged dictionary for Christmas and wanted a stand. Well, Gramps gave em a stand!

Shaker Style Podium
Discussion forum with lots of good tips and ideas for building a Shaker style podium.

How to Build A Simple Pulpit
A custom-designed redwood pulpit that can be used not only by ministers and pastors, but also by teachers or song leaders.

Oak Podium
I had no plans for the podium, but I used the plans for a pedestal found in an issue of WOOD Magazine. I widened the front, added a desk top, and threw some wheels under it.

How To Build A Podium Video
I decided to use my long lost skills to build a podium for the pulpit. Came out pretty darn nice.

Plan For A Lectern - Woodwork Forums
I don't have a plan but here are 2 pics of a desktop lectern that I built for the local art center. It was done in cherry and the color will be darker & redder now.

Wood Crafts Blog
Can anyone tell me where I can get A set of woodworking plans for a church lectern. Some plan links are provided.

Does Anyone Know How to Build A Pulpit Podium
I am giving you a link to pulpits to browse through for style options. The bottom link has some free pulpit plans. Good Luck!

Making A Pulpit in Tony'S Woodshop
Tony, an amateur but passionate woodworker shares his experience in designing and building a wooden pulpit.

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