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Build A Bluegrass-Style 5-String Banjo
Whether it's jazz, rock, blues or folk, we Americans love our music. Not the lofty kind, heard and played in quiet concert halls or recital rooms, but our music, the music played by and for the people. While the music is uniquely ours, though, most of the instruments we use were born and bred in a classical... .

Building A Celtic Harp
A journal intended to record in a step-by-step format, the complete construction of an original, one of a kind Celtic Harp.

Martina Sorbara's guitars resonate with craftsmanship The relationship between musician and instrument has always been an intimate one, and few instruments illicit the full array of human emotions like the guitar. Jimi Hendrix used to sleep with his. Pete Townshend smashed his. Many name their guitars,...

Erlan's Music Stand
A little over a year ago (o.k. Two Pennsics ago) after the wind had delighted itself by blowing through the Pennsic Choir tent and delighted itself in... [Tip: try Google cached copy if link fails].

The Clave
Origins and evolution of the clave (or claves). No plans but good background info for anyone planning to build their own.

Claves - Wikipedia
Easy to read overview of claves including photo and brief description of how they are made.

Claves dimensions
Newsgroup postings in that discuss typical dimensions for claves and best woods to use.

Handmade Guitar
What makes this a good guitar? For one thing, the materials. The top is fine-grain spruce and the other parts are Honduras mahogany both "musical grade" woods.

Music Stand Project
But it would be hard for any musician to play well if he had to carry his music in his hands while managing his instruments. That is where the music stand becomes so valuable. You do not need years of training and practice to create one of these. In fact, creating a wooden music stand can be a very exciting and...

Lute Plans
The lute made from this plan is based on the work of north Italian makers from about 1600.

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