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Build Our Mahogany Cigar Humidor
If you enjoy a fine cigar, and the fragrant smoke that comes only from a fresh one, you should make this attractive humidor -- it keeps your cigars in peak condition. Not only is it a pleasure to build, it's a pleasure to use. Every time you open it, you'll be greeted by the inviting aroma of fresh...

A small humidor for the smoker who only keeps a few cigars on hand. DXF Format.

Domestic wood with an exotic figure makes this box unique While strolling through a local wood show this past summer, I came across the most beautiful piece of wood. You know the old cliché of eyes meeting across a room? Well that's how I met this spectacular piece of spalted maple.

If one so chooses, there are even plans on the internet for making a humidor out of Tupperware®. One can make any humidor from the traveling humidor to the glass top humidor to the cabinet humidor.

Your Own Humidor
Building your own Spanish cedar lined humidor can be a rewarding project for either the cigar enthusiast or the woodworking enthusiast. The list of materials isn’t too long or too expensive and everything can be conveniently purchased online

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