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Puzzle box
This box is based on an old Japanese style of concealing the mechanism that allows the box to open. Rather than just having a simple sliding top, this box also has a concealed locking mechanism that must be dealt with in order to open the box. To open the box, the front strip of cocobolo must be slid...

Tricky Hook game.
Here is a really fun puzzle. Amaze your friends by 'hooking' the rubber band in the bottom. Tricky Hook game. All the parts. Position the rubber band on the dowel plug. Glue in the plug then cut off the...

Noughts & Crosses
Here is a really nice version of Tic-Tac-Toe. The play pieces are stored inside the compact game board.. Noughts & Crosses game. Read my page on safety before building this item. Materials needed:...

Seven Piece 3" Cube Wooden Puzzle
Here's a really nice Wooden Puzzle Project. Seven Piece Puzzle.

Labrintspel Marble Game.
The Marble Maze Game. A precision project for expert woodcrafters. Here is a project for the expert woodcrafter. The sizes and placement of the barriers is extremely critical to the proper...

Ring Toss
A peg game for infants and toddlers. A toss game for preschoolers and elementary aged children.

Unique Sports - Game Table
Want to be the talk of the neighborhood? How about a table that is simple to build, yet will be a unique addition to your game room or basement! Plus, this table can be used as a game, sports or craft...

Building A Family Game Box
This self-contained game box includes a reversible table top with game board layouts for checkers, chess, backgammon and cribbage. A storage area is included in the design and is appropriate for storing...

Table Hockey Game
If you love to play table hockey (and who doesn't?), you'll enjoy making this table hockey game. It will give you experience in simple building techniques and introduce you to the traditional two-step finishing system. It should only take a few days to complete, and then you're ready to play. The game...

Inlaid Tic Tac Toe Game
Having never previously attempted the technique of inlaying, I thought 'how hard can it be?' Well as it turned out, it's not that hard, in fact downright simple! I know there are many much more complicated...

Ring-Toss Game
If your looking for a fast, easy inexpensive last minute gift for one of your little friends or relatives, this project is for you. It's a fun and competitive game of ring-toss - it's so simple, you...

Bagatelle Project
One of the joys of having young grandchildren is that you can again indulge in those pastimes that had to be abandoned as one`s own children grew up. So you can decide for yourself whether the game described...

Ring Toss Game
This ring toss game is easy to make by anyone with basic woodworking knowledge. The game is great fun indoors or out, and is well suited for people of all ages. Materials Plywood, wooden dowel, thick...

Block Stacking Game
This is a fun and simple game that you can make from scraps of wood that you have leftover from other projects. As always, we offer a wide variety of options so you can customize the project and game...

The Toy Puzzles And Kitchen Helpers
Six great projects that are as quick and easy to make as they are to sell at craft fairs and flea markets The Toy Puzzles The Kitchen Helpers...

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