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Indian Love Flute
A DIY Native American style flute/recorder that is a composite of dozens of flutes seen on the Internet, with a few twists in the assembly process. Most notably, it will be made of 8 pieces of wood, instead of 2 or 4 as might usually be the case.

Gordon Hill's Flute
An adaptation of the Native Indian Love Flute that features a wood-burned wrap-around Tribal Sun, and an extended mouthpiece. Gordon says the sound produces an almost zen-like effect when he's playing!

How to Build a Flute
A somewhat rambling - but informative - narrative on building flutes. Covers dimensions, flute terminology, techniques for laminating wood, drilling finger holes and recommended sources for further info on building flutes.

How to Make a Native American Flute
Learn how to make Native American wooden flutes with expert music training tips in this free online instrument instruction video series.

Bamboo Flute
Make a bamboo flute ... And warble like the birds! Several years ago a friend gave me a bamboo flute and I became so enamored of the little instrument's pleasing tone and appearance that I set out to learn how to make one myself.

Musical Bamboo Flute
An illustrated guide to making a flute with a piece of bamboo, at least 18" to 20" long with a diameter between 3/4" and 1", from the bottom of an old fishing pole.

Bamboo Pan Flutes
Pan flutes have to have a long history. They are so simple and logical in concept that many primitive people with very few tools have conceived the idea and built them from natural materials for thousands of years.

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