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Cedar Privacy Screen
Whether you have a small garden in town or an expansive country estate, there's nothing like relaxing in your own backyard. When the weather's fine, it's the ideal place to shed that cooped-up feeling--without leaving home. Sometimes, though, your personal wide-open spaces might be a little too wide-open for that...

Wood Fences
To keep in what you want kept in and keep out what you want kept out around your place, you need a good fence. Steel mesh, barbed wire or electric livestock fence is fine for "the back 40." But for around the house, the paddock or a road-fronting pasture, you should fence with honest wood.

Basic Fence
It's fun to build a fence. You're out in the fresh air, the project goes quickly, and it gives you a chance to gab with your neighbors. Our basic design sets the boards inside the posts, so both sides look equally good, which your neighbors will appreciate especially if the fence is near the property line.

Jackleg Fence
Our fence is called a jackleg and costs nothing other than the nails and the fuel for the chainsaw. It is extremely labor-intensive, however, and we found that we could work on it for only five hours a day without getting grouchy and irritable.

Pallet Fence
Untreated, stained, or painted to your preference, a pallet fence should last for many years, although I strongly advise you at least treat the dirt-bound end of your posts with Thompsonís Water Sealer or some equally comparable preservative.

Elegant Picket Fence
Here's a fence for those who refuse to buy off the rack. Its elegant design features a distinctive cap rail over the picket tops, and the easy-to-build cedar box posts are topped off with classic turned finials that you can buy.

Building Wood Fences
Here are tips and suggestions on how to build wood fences. These tips can save you time, money and effort. Read all suggestions carefully before beginning the job.

How To Build a Wood Fence
Here are tips and suggestions on how to build wood fences. These tips can save you time, money and effort. Read all suggestions carefully before beginning the job. As a rule, you should set fence posts about 6' to 8' apart. The spacing of the posts depends on the type of fence you build, the terrain, the purpose of...

High Vertical Board Fence
Determine the fence line and mark it out with a string line. Continue the string line 600mm (2ft) past each end of the fence line and tie each end to stakes hammered into the ground. Ensure the string line is taut and not touching the ground at any part.

3 Beautiful Fence Styles Ubuild.
There are many fence styles that are fancy yet easy to built. Use them for privacy, as a focal point, or to enclose an area of your property. The fences covered in this section are built board by board,...

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