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Art Deco Desk Clock Plan

Shaker Clock Plan With Optional Kit

Time-Honored Bracket Clock Plan

Arts & Crafts Clock Plan With Optional Kit

Cutting-Time-In-Half Shelf Clock Plan

Arts And Crafts Mantel Clockplan

Schoolhouse Pendulum Clock Plan

Clock Plan - Build A Craftsman-Style Grandfather Clock

Family Heirlooom Cuckoo Clock
Find information about the Black Forest area of Germany. Learn about the people who live there, natural resources in the region, and people's skills and crafts that have made the area famous.

Rolling Balls Clock
The first thing to design was the engine which was to sustain the pendulum's oscillation: how to get enough energy from a ball to make this possible? The balls had to be heavy enough to run a stable course but their size obviously determines the clock's size. As a trade-off between weight and size we arbitrarily...

Largemouth Bass Clock
This clock is won’t take up much of your time especially with the help of these easy to follow instructions.

Wooden Clock
Free plans to help you build a wooden clock. The plans on this site are those of clocks designed by myself over the last few years.

Verge Clock
The clock differs from the earlier designs in that it has a verge and foliot escapement, which is not as accurate as a pendulum, but it is visually more interesting. A unique design for the verge...

Mission Wall Clock
True craftsmanship shines through in this simple and elegant design free from ornamentation. Dual-chime quartz pendulum movement plays “Bim-Bam” or Westminster melodies on the quarter-hours and strikes out the hour. Kit, plan, and component pack each sold separately.

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