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CD Holder
It is a little known fact that in the mid 1800's the Shakers were rather progressive audiophiles. As proof, it was during this time that they adopted the use of the compact disk; they used CDs as a means...

Shutter At The Thought (CD Storage)
Dive into the dump and come up a winner. Building projects using reclaimed materials is good for the soul.

Build A Storage Table For Tapes And CDs
This traditional-looking storage table keeps your CDs and tapes out of sight, but at the same time makes them easily accessible. Electronic entertainment media are everywhere these days. Cassette recorders, VCRs, and DVD and CD players have changed the way we enjoy our leisure time. These devices provide...

CD Storage Case
This is a really simple project to make...

Multimedia Storage Tower
Just what you need to keep your favourite CD's close at hand. If you're like me, you've got a pile of CD's by your computer, and every time you want to use a different one, you shuffle through the pile...

CD Cabinet
A small storage cabinet for CDs. DWG format...

CD Shelf
Hold your movies, books or CDs in this easy-to-build shelf. This trough shelf is a great easy project. It holds books, CDs and DVDs, and it looks classy and timeless. Power tools might speed up the process, but you can build this project with just a handsaw, a coping saw, a chisel and a smoothing plane.

CD Cabinet
There are two schools of thought when it comes to storing your CDs. The first school is based on the idea that CDs are something that should be displayed while the second school says that CDs should be hidden away - to be brought out only when choosing the next musical choice. I'm a believer in the...

CD Storage Cabinet
This compact CD cabinet solves the problem of music management: it can hold a whopping 300 discs, which should be more than enough capacity for all but the most obsessed collector. The design is easy to build—intermediate woodworkers should be able to make it over a weekend.

Simple CD Holder
This project isn't difficult to build, and it's adjustable so it can hold from one to 23 compact discs or one to 10 video tapes. While making it, you'll practice how to square a board, machine like parts, round an edge with either a file or a router table, do proper sanding procedures, and apply an oil stain for a...

CD Holder
Make this easy CD Holder that can hold a good amount of CD's and is beautiful to look at.

Skyscraper CD Tower
With its cool downtown look, this high-rise music holder will please even the most sophisticated kids.

Simple CD Storage
A CD’s slim, compact design allows for all sorts of creativity when it comes to storing them. Tall CD towers and spinning CD cases have flooded the mega-music stores.

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