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Woodworking Plan Buyer's Guide


A good working plan can save you time and money and make the project building experience an enjoyable one. On the flip side, a bad plan will waste your time and money and make for a frustrating experience -- assuming you decide to even use the plan. To help you end up with more good plans than bad plans, I've put together a woodworking plan buyers guide. I hope you find it useful.

Free versus fee plans - Pros and cons of free plans versus plans that carry a price tag. And why to choose one over the other.

Finding and buying plans - Tips on searching and buying plans online including my favorite Googling strategies for finding plans. (A little history lesson too).

Selecting a plan - Tips on selecting a plan, what to look for in a quality plan, and examples of plans of varying quality.

The major plan suppliers - The big players in the woodworking plan business. Overviews of the companies behind the plans and comments about their plans.

Woodworking plan gotchas - What to watch out for when buying a plan and ways to improve your chances of not getting stuck with a lemon.


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