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About the Woodworking Plan Finder

The Woodworking Plan Finder started life as a search engine for finding woodworking plans on the Internet back in 2002. It operated in this manner for several years until it became apparent that this was a job best left to Google and the other big search engines.  At that point, the site was repurposed from a search engine to a browse able plan directory featuring the best free woodworking plans that we could find.

The Woodworking Plan Finder features links to several thousand free woodworking plans. To enhance your browsing experience, a fair amount of effort is put into arranging the plans into meaningful categories. A brief description is also provided for each plan.  There are currently over 200 categories, making it easier for you to drill-down into a specific category containing plans that are closely related to each other. It's all about relevance...

In case you can't find a suitable free plan, the Plan Finder also provides thumbnail image links to commercially available plans from some of the biggest and best plan companies in the business. These include PlansNOW, WOOD, Rockler, Knotty Plans, FurniturePlans.com and Woodcraft.  These commercial-grade plans provide photos, detailed drawings, step-by-step instructions, and materials lists. Some plans even include full-scale patterns so you can just trace and cut. Many plans are available as downloadable PDF's so you can get started with your project immediately.

Hopefully you'll find a free plan but the commercial plans are out there as a back-up. BTW, if you have questions about any of the commercial plans, please contact the plan vendors directly. They are the experts.

Happy woodworking!


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