In many learning institutions, there was the introduction of industrial arts when the institutions began. This education was first introduced in the early 80s to secondary schools where various schools undertook the subject ranging from, mechanics, woodworking, printing amongst other industrial arts of education.

At the beginning of a few decades, ago the art education has drastically stopped being taught in many secondary schools which focus more on the academic subjects rather than the industrial ones. Learners were taught how to plan woodworking task.

Woodworking is a beautiful mystery. It is admired and appreciated across the globe for its undying change of designs that easily can be adjusted to the modern technology of the 21st century. Before anyone can engage in woodwork tasks, there are a few things they should be aware of.

Learn And Understand How Wood Functions And Behaves.

Before starting any form of action on the lumber you need to understand the direction which is more suitable to plane the board. Planning a wood is easy as petting a cat what you just need to know is the direction which the wood grain comes from and where it ends. This will make your work much easier rather than when you go against the grain, which will make the work messy and trickier.

Sharpen The Working Tools.

Before embarking on a woodworking task ensure that you possess the best power tools and equipment for the job, not only that ensure that saws, planes and chisels are sharp enough to engage the wood. A sharpened saw will work and cut your wood with no hustle whatsoever. Chisels will dig into your wood softly and make your work quite easy. Most people fail to understand that working on wood with blunt tools makes the work very hard compared to sharpened working tools. Make it your tradition to sharpen the tools your working with. This guarantees that the woodworking task will enjoyable to the very end.

A Hand Plane Is Highly Recommend.

Woodworking is a task that involves many tools and, the basic techniques used in woodworking tasks are self-explanatory. However, this doesn’t apply for every tool. Some tools like hand plane are recommended for all the Woodworking tasks. To be perfect in it, you will need instructions and a lot of practice. Grab an old plane and try practicing. You can also go online research more on how to use the hand plane correctly.


These steps on how to plan woodworking task will ensure that the process is smooth and exciting.