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The Woodworking Plan Finder features links to thousands of free woodworking plans arranged in nearly 300 categories. This includes plans for armoires, beds, bird houses, bookshelves, coffee tables, computer desks, decks, dining chairs and tables, entertainment centers, file cabinets, garden benches and bridges, gazebos, kid's furniture, kitchen stools, storage racks, picture frames, wooden toys and puzzles, yard art, and kitchen accessories.

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And make sure you check out the selection of plans for the woodshop - woodworking jigs, workbenches, woodshop storage cabinets, tool boxes, tool cabinets, router tables, and many other woodshop accessories.

Plans for Sale
The focus of Woodworking Plan Finder is free plans but our site also features oodles of plans for sale from some of the top plan names in the business. These professional grade plans include material lists, photos, cutting diagrams, and detailed instructions. Some even include full-scale templates.

Woodworking Plan Buyer's Guide
We've put together a short buyer's guide for purchasing commercial woodworking plans. It includes tips on finding a plan, recognizing a quality plan, what to watch out for when buying a plan, free versus fee plans, about the major plan suppliers, and lots more.

Free versus fee plans - How free plans typically differ from for sale plans and why to choose one over the other.

Finding and buying plans - Tips on searching and buying plans online including some Googling strategies for finding plans.

Selecting a plan - Tips on selecting a plan, what to look for in a quality plan, and examples of good and not so good plans.

The major plan suppliers - Overviews of the companies behind the plans and comments about their plans.

Woodworking plan gotchas - Some gotchas to beware of when buying a plan and ways to improve your chances of not getting stuck with a lemon.

Recommended Woodworking Plan Books

designing cabinets bookDesigning and Building Cabinets

Whether for a kitchen, built-in storage or an elegant hutch, there are many ways to build a cabinet. In this book, Fine Woodworking contributors share their favorite methods for managing and building case pieces, including many ways to construct doors and drawers. An in-depth look at sheet goods like plywood and MDF show how these materials can save both time and money in any cabinet project.

Furniture you can buildFurniture You Can Build

By Joseph Hurst-Wajszczuk. Improve your skills while enjoying your time in the shop. This book is written especially for those who can't devote all hours of their day to woodworking. Geared for real people - those who want to improve hand tool and machine skills, but not willing to embark on a seven year apprenticeship - this book is designed to help you enjoy your time in the shop





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